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The Crewing department is responsable for crew related affairs and wage administration.


The crew department primarily handles the personnel aspect for vessels. This includes, among others:

  • recruitment and selection of new personnel at home and abroad
  • planning of sailing-leave periods
  • booking flights
  • arranging for relief
  • arranging visas and other formalities
  • maintaining contacts with various agencies
  • visiting vessels
  • visiting the open days of various shipping schools

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The wage administration department processes the wages for the crew and the salaries of the shore personnel. We pro-actively lend assistance in the manner in which captain/owners wish to run their company, also implementing the Amasus policy. This includes the timely compliance with (financial) agreements with both the employees and other parties such as the Tax Authorities and the Shipping Association, but also advising associated shippers in word and deed with regard to pay and employee insurances.


The Crewing department focuses on maintaining excellent contacts with the personnel on board and on shore so that an atmosphere of trust grows. In this way, the people of Amasus enjoy working for Amasus and a "we" feeling is created.

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