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Amasus has changed enormously in the past few years.

In recent years the number of vessels under the commercial management of Amasus has grown from 10/15 in July 2006 to 80 vessels in 2021.

Composition of the team

Apart from strengthening our fleet we have radically expanded the Amasus team. Young and experienced people, all nautically and economically trained, have joined us to reinforce and enhance the entrepreneurial spirit we need to achieve our ambitions.

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Amasus is a partner for her clients to optimize and realize sustainable transport over water.

Amasus makes a recognizable contribution to the efficiency of the logistic processes of her clients.

Amasus remains initiator and stimulator of new ship designs to improve logistical processes.

Besides increasing the efficiency for our clients it is an important goal for us to reduce the claim on human and environmental recources.


It is our ambition to develop Amasus as a brand within a selected number of market segments in the Short Sea sector. These market segments are sea-river shipping, the Short Sea special cargo market and the Offshore.

We achieve our ambitions by working, in collaboration with our partners, on a fleet structure that is equipped for the above market segments. The current world fleet in the Short Sea sector has an average vessel size of 6,500 tons and will increase even more the coming years. As from 2008 the many newly-built vessels had an average size of 9.000 tons. The present order book shows an average size of 11.000 Dwt. Due to their dimensions, vessels of this size cannot be deployed in the market segments in which Amasus as specialist has been active since 1981.

Amasus takes responsibility, together with our partners, for permanently respecting the natural limits that have been established in our market segments for loading and unloading destinations for industry.

The new vessels that were added to the Amasus fleet since 2008 are smaller than 5,000 tons on average and our current order book will again guarantee a highly focused reinforcement of the fleet composition of Amasus Shipping and Amasus Offshore.


Achieving our ambitions enables us to create added economic value. In the vision of Amasus, the creation of added economic value should be combined with social justice and a healthy living environment.

Corporate social responsibility is Amasus´ chosen tool to create a balance between the economic, social and environmental aspects of its corporate policy. Corporate social responsibility is duly anchored within our company.



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