April 25, 2022

Successful modification mv Rotra Mare & Rotra Vente

The lasts months mv Rotra Mare and mv Rotra Vente went through a huge modification. These modifications made it possible for both vessels to transport the next generations windmill equipment.
Rotra Vente
The for the Rotra Vente so characteristic cover has been removed and she is being equipped with sponsons around the hull in order to increase her beam for more deck space and stability for sailing with the future generations of wind turbines. Also her bow opening and Ro/Ro ramp have been modified, this to allow smooth loading and discharging operations for the heaviest
windmill equipment.
Rotra Mare
By this modification the length of the Rotra Mare is extended with 11.6 meters. Before the vessel was cut in two pieces, the bow had to be dismantled and placed on deck of the after ship to avoid any stability issues. After the vessel was split into two separate parts the brand new-built section by Niestern-Sander was adapted to the after ship. Next step was connecting the fore ship, whereby the dock had to be lowered. Last but not least the bow had to be lifted and placed back in original position. By this final lift the Rotra Mare was back in original shape.
Both vessels successfully completed their first voyages in their new shape. And to top it off they passed each other in Rotterdam!