18 april 2024

Two Eemslift types at the BLRT Western Shiprepair yard in Klaipeda

In February and March, we had two Eemslift vessels at the BLRT Western Shiprepair yard in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Both underwent their 5-yearly surveys, during which the ballast water treatment system was installed and tested.

First up was the Eemslift Nadine. In record time, she underwent all her tasks; after 12 days in dry dock and another 3 days alongside, she was almost as good as new, ready to sail the high seas again. This achievement was made possible through relentless work, in shifts, on Saturdays, and even Sundays, to carry out painting tasks.

Following her was the Eemslift Dafne. Naturally, we had learned from the previous vessel, but there were new challenges. Yet again, we managed to prepare the ship for cargo transport within the same short timeframe.