Taking care of Shipping Business


Amasus specialises in chartering vessels in sea and river shipping and the Short Sea special cargo market. Specialisation in markets, loading and routes does not only save costs, but also creates additional value for clients and vessels.
Fleet composition
With its optimal fleet composition, Amasus is able to select the right vessel for every cargo and route. This means Amasus provides the best returns for both the cargo stakeholders and the vessels. The vessels within the very diverse fleet of Amasus vary in tonnage from 800 to 10000 Dwt.
Sea and River shipping
Amasus serves the sea and river shipping segment utilising vessels with a minimum draught of 2 metres and upwards, and limited air draught 4.50 metres and upwards. The low draught / air draught fleet of Amasus with the above-mentioned specifications comprises more than 30 vessels.
Special cargo market
The Short Sea break-bulk segment is served, among other ways, by means of vessels fitted with their own cranes with a lifting capacity up to 300 tons in tandem, vessels with unlimited visibility restrictions, large cargo floor surfaces, certified open-top specifications, good stability ratios and limited draught.
Stowage planning, lifting planning and stability calculations are produced in house by the experienced staff of Amasus. Amasus has its own cargo surveyors to prepare and supervise the loading and unloading of special cargoes on site.
A large part of the Amasus fleet is deployed on long-term cargo contracts with industry.