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Donderdag 14 september 2023 vanaf 10:00 uur gaat Amasus Radio live! Amasus gaat op 14 september 24 uur radio maken waarin verschillende onderwerpen de revue zullen passeren. De stream is bestemd voor een ieder die zich verbonden voelt met Amasus gefaciliteerd door onze eigen mensen met hulp van professionals.


Thursday the 14th of September 2023 from 10:00 HRS NL time Amasus will make 24 hours live radio with various topics! The broadcast is for everyone who feels a connection with Amasus, made by our own employees with help from professionals!

The videostream and radio button will be available from 14 September 2023 10:00hrs UTC +2.


During the show several topics will be adressed about: shipping markets, living and working at sea, maritime challenges, long existing partnerships and many more. Furthermore you can test your singing skills by joining the karaoke contest and test your ears by recognizing the maritime sound.

We look forward to the first edition of Amasus Radio! 

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