Taking care of Shipping Business

Financial management

A natural brake on increases in scale in the segments selected by Amasus and its associated vessels, this department forces ship-owners into optimal cost control and stringent budget monitoring.

In addition to reporting on the income of vessels, Amasus provides the complete Ship Financial Reporting. This means that monthly budget figures and achieved figures at vessel level are produced and projected into balance-sheet format, liquidity overviews and liquidity predictions. Cost overrun is immediately signalled and analysed.

Amasus has representative comparative figures available over a series of years, due to which incidental deviations can be distinguished from structural deviations.

Next to the provision of the above-mentioned Management Information, the financial department of Amasus provides the services below:

  • the complete financial administration of the enterprise(s) in which the vessel is operated
  • supervision of the accountant’s audit
  • taking care of the VAT returns
  • monitoring finances with regard to damage. This includes applications for advance payments and drafting the final damage account.
  • the complete salary administration, including payments and taking care of the legal deductions and remittances
  • provision of the data necessary for the fiscal returns 

Prompt and reliable financial information is an undeniable success factor, which can be critical for assuring the continuity of every enterprise.