March 24, 2020

Covid-19 statement

AMASUS - Covid-19 Statement

Within Amasus Shipping we realize we are facing an unprecedented and difficult situation with the COVID-19 virus. Almost every country worldwide has taken measurements to control the spread of the virus and prevent people from getting infected. As vessels are visiting many countries in the world, we have to deal with all the different governmental regulations and advices. The one objective most clear to us is to take care of our employees and to provide them a safe working environment as much as we can.

The Amasus management has discussed the situation continuously. At an early stage, all crew changes were identified, including the transfers at airports in risk areas. As more countries imposed restrictions, we informed the crew to limit visits from ashore to the vessel and visa versa. Up to today, we have not discovered any infections amongst our crew and therewith leaving all vessels fully operational.

Our offices also remain operational, but in line with the regulation of the Dutch Government and the Dutch Health Security (‘RIVM’) we have taken the following measurements to minimize the risk of contamination:

  • splitting the operational team, therewith providing a contingency of the company;
  • our employees are not allowed to travel for work-related activities without our specific permission;
  • all face-to-face meetings are cancelled and replaced with video-/teleconference sessions;
  • a new strict hygiene/cleaning regime is implemented which focusses on keeping contact points and hands clean;
  • monitor and report sick leave and symptoms associated with the Covid-19 virus. Following the governments guidance, we have reiterated the need for self-isolation.

We wish you and your families a good health.