Taking care of Shipping Business


It is our ambition to develop Amasus as a brand within a selected number of market segments in the Short Sea sector. These market segments are sea-river shipping, the Short Sea special cargo market and the Offshore.

We achieve our ambitions by working, in collaboration with our partners, on a fleet structure that is equipped for the above market segments. The current world fleet in the Short Sea sector has an average vessel size of 6,500 tons and will increase even more the coming years. As from 2008 the many newly-built vessels had an average size of 9.000 tons. The present order book shows an average size of 11.000 Dwt. Due to their dimensions, vessels of this size cannot be deployed in the market segments in which Amasus as specialist has been active since 1981.

Amasus takes responsibility, together with our partners, for permanently respecting the natural limits that have been established in our market segments for loading and unloading destinations for industry.

The new vessels that were added to the Amasus fleet since 2008 are smaller than 3,500 tons on average and our current order book will again guarantee a highly focused reinforcement of the fleet composition of Amasus Shipping and Amasus Offshore.