Taking care of Shipping Business

Sale & Purchase

Amasus’ sale and purchase consulting services are based on many years of market information and market knowledge with regard to the income to be achieved and on many years of reporting experience with regard to the expected operating costs and capital liabilities of the vessels.

Amasus has a large network of ship-owners, brokers, bankers, tax consultants, accountants and shipyards at home and abroad at its disposal.

The expansion of the Amasus associated fleet is to service the market segments selected by Amasus. In close consultation with cargo stakeholders, the chartering department expands and contracts with the demand for capacity in the industry within the sea and river shipping and Short Sea special cargo markets.


Shipping is one of the driving forces behind globalisation and thereby the enormous growth in international world trade. This growth has caused a great demand for shipping capacity, which has led to increases in the scale of the vessels and intensive new building programmes.

Loading and unloading destinations within the market segments selected by Amasus are characterised by their limitations in maximum draft and the maximum dimensions of the vessels used. This natural brake on increases in scale has protected the above market segments from over capacity.

Amasus will continue to seek vessels and ship-owners who can strengthen our fleet composition within the market segments we have selected.